Do you travel for weddings??

HECK YESS!!! I love to travel and I wish I did it more. All packages are the same rate as local weddings with an additional travel fee. I want to make travel as affordable as possible so the costs associated with this usually are just to cover costs of getting there (flight or gas), cost of stay, and getting around. You can find more information about this on my TRAVEL PAGE!!!

Do you photograph families??

Rarely, if ever. I like to focus all my energy on weddings and couples so I can be in expert in those areas and give you guys the best experience.

Do you do maternity sessions??

I do but only when they are with a couple and do not include other kids.

Do you Do Senior Portraits??

I do but only during certain months of the year. April, May, and November. If you are interested, head to this page, and we will get going!

How many photos will I get in my gallery??

There is no limit or cap of photos that I will give you in your gallery. I give you all the photos that are worthy of seeing and I leave out all the blurry, out of focus, blinking and stank faces. For weddings there ends up being about 75 photos for each hour of coverage (imagine about 600 for an 8 hour day) and for sessions it can be anywhere from 100-200 photos.

What is your turnaround time + How will I get the final gallery??

All your photos will be delivered through an online gallery website. From this website, you will be able to download high resolution files, web resolution files, and print from a professional lab.

You will get an email with a link to this gallery within 2 weeks of your session (couples, portraits, or bridals) and 6 weeks of your wedding.

Do you have a second photographer??

I do not have a regular second photographer but you can always add one on to your wedding package and I do recommend doing so for weddings of 150+ guests. When you do choose one for your package, I make sure it's always someone I trust, who takes great photos, and will treat you guys just like I would.

we're realy awkward in front of the camera.. is that okay??

If only I had a nickel for every time I heard this... NONE of my couples are models. There's nothing like standing in front of a camera to make you feel really self aware and uncomfortable. I GET IT!! (I'm exactly the same way) My whole goal is to just help you guys feel like yourselves and capture all of that awesomeness. Nothing weird about just being you! So I promise you are gonna walk away from this feeling so confident and good about yourself and you're gonna be AMAZED when you see how good you look in your photos.

Can you help us create a timeline??

Yes I can! I've seen every type of wedding day so I'm always down to sprinkle some of that knowledge all over my couples and help them plan out their wedding.

Can I opt out of the engagement session to lower the cost of the wedding??

Engagement sessions are complimentary to all of my wedding packages. Think of it this way... when you go to Olive Garden, they give you complimentary breadsticks (thank goodness those things are my FAVORITE!!!!). Now if you choose not to eat them, does your waiter knock down the price of the bill??