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8 Ways To Celebrate Your Would-Be Wedding Date

Fall 2020 weddings has two options: downsize your guest list or reschedule. Seeing as many couples wanted to have the wedding party they originally planned for, a lot of them ended up rescheduling their wedding to 2021. If you’re someone who had to reschedule I know you are probably not looking forward to the original date arriving. We’ll I’m here to fix that!

You don’t have to sit in your room feeling sad watching 27 Dresses eating a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. No no no… make the day something special! Do something fun! Make it a day you’ll always look back on and smile. It’s not impossible, I promise. Here’s 8 ways I’ve come up with to make sure that your would-be wedding date is another great and happy day.

Wedding Day Celebration

Weekend Stay-cation

Everybody knows that the best way to distract yourself is to get away for a weekend of fun and relaxation! Book a stay at an AirBnb or a hotel near you and spend time doing activities you love. Go hiking, get a massage, binge watch Netflix, whatever you’re feeling in the mood to do.


Plan a Small Get TogetherToast with Champagne on Wedding Day

Everybody’s current quarantine conditions are different so depending what yours is, plan a time to celebrate with close friends and family. Invite a few people over for games and delicious desserts. If you’re not up for seeing people in person then schedule a Zoom party with everyone instead. Spending time with the people you love will always put you in a good mood.


Write Each Other Letters

Writing letters may feel kinda cheesy but if you’ve been feeling really down about all the wedding postponing this is a perfect option for you. Take the time to write down everything you’re feeling, how you feel about your partner, maybe a favorite memory, and why you’re so excited to marry them. This will remind you of why you’re doing everything in the first place and help you guys to reconnect.


Open A Wedding Present

If you had to reschedule your wedding within just a few months from the date, there’s a good chance you may have already received a present or two from some guests. Open one of your presents on the night of your original wedding because honestly, who doesn’t love opening presents??


Buy Yourself a Gift

After everything that’s been happening during this absolutely insane year, you deserve to treat yourself to something special. Go out and get something that’s been on your wishlist forever. Stop making excuses for why you can’t have it and start using the excuse “it’s our wedding present” for why you can! Bonus points if it’s something you guys can enjoy together on the day as well.


Special Meal

I don’t know about you… but a fancy dinner after a long day always makes me feel better. Just like I said above, this is a great excuse to treat yourself. Go to one of your favorite restaurants and order your favorite meal, or maybe try out a place you’ve never been to before. Dress up nice and make it an awesome date night.

Engaged couple go hiking on wedding day

Favorite Shared Activity Together

Rather than worrying about the “most fun thing you can possibly do” to make sure this is a great day, keep it simple and just do something that you love. Go for a beautiful drive, dance in your living room, shop at your favorite store, go see a new movie, whatever you can think of! Try to make it a great day by doing a bunch of little things that make you happy.


Breakfast In Bed

Everybody who knows me knows how passionate I am about brunch… I really don’t think there’s anything that is quite as amazing as waffles. If waffles aren’t your thing… ya know that’s cool too. Whatever breakfast food you love, it always tastes better in bed. Either wake up early and decide to surprise your partner with their favorites or plan to do it together. Take the morning to relax and enjoy each other’s company over (in my opinion) the best meal there is.


Your would-be wedding date does not have to be a day that makes you feel sad. Find ways to make it a great day. Don’t forget that your day is coming! And when it does, it’s going to be incredible! 😉

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