Creative Wedding Desserts That Aren’t Wedding Cake

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Despite its popularity, not everyone likes cake. If you fall into that category, you might be feeling that pull between sticking to tradition and having a dessert you actually like. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do whatever you what!!! Whatever your sweet tooth calls for, I say you go with what is right for you. My Pinterest board is FULL of so many alternative ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you. Here’s a great list of some ideas for those of us that want to change things up a bit and explore different options.



Small, delicious, and so decorative you almost feel bad for eating them! (Emphasis on “almost”). To be honest, macaroons always make me feel so sophisticated for some reason. With all their assorted flavors and colors, they just make the perfect fancy dessert item. So whether people eat them for the sweet taste, or look at them for the vivid colors, you can’t lose with some Macaroons at the dessert table!



Cake Pops

If you’ve ever had a cake pop before, you know it really doesn’t taste like cake. Personally, I love them so much I’m willing to spend $2.50 a pop at Starbucks just to enjoy the gooeyness! And if you disagree and say they taste just like cake, then at least this option provides a fun new way of having cake at the wedding! Not to mention that with their bite size form, you don’t have to worry about “cutting” the cake (which some people find a little awkward.) Instead you can just grab a cute little ball of tasty goodness, and shove that in your partners face instead! Another great thing I love about these treats, is you can have so much more flavor options. Cakes can get expensive so you are typically left with one or two choices. But cake pops may be more affordable, tasty, and you can have every flavor you can think of! (Now you don’t have to listen to your Aunt Karen complain about how your cake was “just too rich” for her)




Ever since my trip to Italy I’ve been obsessed with cannoli’s and been on the hunt for the best local cannoli place (so far, no luck). These italian treats are not limited to weddings with a tuscan theme, but can fit as a great dessert for anyone. They are such a fun dessert that you can fill with so many different flavors and can be arranged in fun ways too. Nothing really adds a sense of “professional catering” like delicious cannolis.




Okay yes, technically these are cakes in smaller form, but hear me out! If you’re the type of person who for some reason hates cake but loves cupcakes (I know you’re out there), then you’ll love this option. Similar to cake pops, cupcakes make fantastic grab and go desserts that can be just about any flavor you want. Plus you can have them decorated to fit the theme of your wedding which is always SUPER CUTE if you want my opinion on the matter. My favorite thing though is that if you have still been dying for that gorgeous 3 tiered cake that you found on Pinterest you can still have that! That look is possible and cupcakes are a great way to achieve it.




Why not combine dessert with a fun activity for people to enjoy? S’mores, besides being SO DANG GOOD, add a really cool atmosphere for people who love hanging out by a fire. That atmosphere gets even better for fall and winter weddings, where everyone can warm up by the fire and enjoy a delicious treat with friends and family. Whenever people do this at their wedding I always notice that it is a hot attraction and a great way to get people involved in the activities, especially if dancing isn’t quite their thing.




Honestly, who doesn’t love doughnuts!? (Okay fine, they aren’t my favorite, but that’s not the point). They still taste pretty good, and for good reason. Doughnuts are top dog when it comes to being versatile and having a flavor for everyone. But my favorite thing of all about having doughnuts as your wedding dessert is all the fun ways you can arrange them. I’ve seen some pretty cool doughnut walls and doughnut bars, some even have a doughnut creating station where people can frost and make their own. These desserts allow you to be super creative, so have fun with it and come up with something great!



Dessert in a Jar

Have you ever seen those mason jars with cheesecake or mousse in them? Just…WOW. These always catch my eye, they just look so beautiful and look so good to eat. If you really like fruity treats and custard type dessert, I would seriously consider this as your dessert of choice. Besides being able to add whatever toppings you want to the base treat, this can double as a “make you own” activity for guests! I’ve seen people make strawberry shortcake, different mousses, cheesecake, and more in a small mason jar! Whatever your preference, I think dessert in a jar adds a cool “homey” feel to your wedding reception.



Assorted Desserts

This one goes out to all my indecisive friends out there! If you can’t pick a single dessert, why not have them all?? Last I checked, there’s no rule saying you have to have one dessert, so pick as many as you want! List some of your favorite house party treats you love, and make that your dessert. Fruit tarts, chocolate strawberries, brownies, cookies, mini cheesecakes, and much more are all great options that let you and your guests enjoy whatever they want. You get to have your tasty cupcake, while your partner gets to scarf down a few cookies, win win for everyone! This is especially helpful if you expect to have a really large gathering of 150+ people. People love options!


Whatever you end up choosing, I think as long as you choose what you want, it’ll all turn out great. Everybody’s got a sweet tooth that demands their attention after a night of dancing and celebrating. So have fun with it, be creative and let the sugar take over!

August 20, 2020


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